In collaboration with Scuola Civica di Teatro Paolo Grassi, with Scuola Civica per traduttori ed interpreti Altiero Spinelli and with On Stage Festival.

KIT Curators: Alice Lussiana Parente, Caterina Nonis, Giacomo Rocchini.

The plays chosen for the first edition are:

MADRI by Diego Pleuteri
(Second year student in the Playwriting Course)
Diego Pleuteri’s “Mothers” deserves to be read and translated, especially in this historical moment. Without ever mentioning isolation or a pandemic, the play puts on display one of the most unsettling aspects of our lives today: the lack of intimacy. It does so by exploring the relationship between an aging mother, who is losing her memory, and her son, unable to help her or himself. With its simple and essential language, poetic but never conceited, Pleuteri’s play shows us how the emotional void we all suffer from at the eve of 2021 was present well before the challenges of 2020 shed light on them.

STILL LIFE by Eliana Rotella
(Third year student in the Playwriting Course)
A love story told through painting, a glimpse of contemporary art and its role in the modern era; but also a reflection on capturing and representing time in paintings, from Monet’s impressionism, to the bygone moments from the protagonist’s life, and his constant attempt to immortalize his love on canvas. Easily accessible to an American audience, the play reminds us of the importance of a cultural exchange between the two continents.


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