AlieNation: Three New Italian One Acts in November at Cherry Lane

KIT presents

AlieNation: Three new One-Acts from Italy

directed by Laura Caparrotti,
Light Designer Haejin Han
Set Designer Sarah Edkins
Costume Designer GV Studio
Stage Manager Lindsey Hurley
PR FrankyPR

presented on alternate dates at Cherry Lane Studio, 38 Commerce Street, NY

November 7 to December 3, 2017.


Enrico IV – Henry IV, a monologue

adapted from the play by Luigi Pirandello
translated by Gloria Pastorino
World Premiere Adaptation by Laura Caparrotti and Rocco Sisto
With Rocco Sisto*

Here comes the King! Or, rather, here comes a man who took a fall, hit his head, and now believes himself to be King Henry IV. Is he mad, or is this just his way of telling the truth to those around him? Pirandello’s central theme of madness vs. the mask that society forces us to wear is the focus of this new adaptation, where ‘mad’ Henry speaks directly to his audience – who may just be more mad than he is.

On the occasion of Pirandello at 150
*Appearing courtesy of the Actors Equity Association

A Story of Love and Soccer

by Michele Santeramo
translated by Peter Speedwell
Adapted by laura Caparrotti and Dave Johnson

With Dave Johnson and Eric Gravez

World Premiere

The place is a village in the south of Italy, where a group of immigrants compete in the first ever clandestine soccer world championship to determine who will have control over the city center for the following year. Italy, Libya, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine and Senegal are the impromptu national teams fighting to become the champions of their suburban world. In the middle of it all is a love story between an Italian midfielder player and an Indian girl… MORE INFO

Followed by

The Journey I Never Made

by Paolo Bignami, translated by Carlotta Brentan
With Carlotta Brentan 

World Premiere

Winner of the 2016 “Premio di Drammaturgia DCQ” Award and of the 2016 “La Riviera dei Monologhi” 2016 Award.

Two women meet at a mysterious station where all the trains have been cancelled. They belong to different cultures and historical periods, yet in spite of their fear and suspicion, a dialog starts to take place between them. Around them, the voices of migrants from other eras and places progressively crowd the station, talking about departures, journeys, arrivals and stays. Just as the station becomes unbearably crowded, a train approaches. MORE INFO