Thinking of Buzzati

As KIT Friends know, in the Fall of 2012 KIT is presenting 4 monologues by Dino Buzzati, a most respected writer (and painter and reporter and intellectual) of Italy. The monologues are all about women: Velia, Irma, Luisa and Iris. His monologues are always painted in dark, and they tasted something of a crime-horror story and sometime of an ironic-sad-pathetic story.

Well, today I was in a bar, getting a coffee and I saw something that remind me of the monologue where Iris, a middle age woman Tarots-reader, meets a man… today, while talking with the person I was having coffee with, a man and a woman sat at the table next to us. They were cheesy dressed, his hair very oily, her chicks very red, both images very surreal… and in that very busy bar, the man put the Tarots on the table and started to ‘see’ the woman life and future… sometime his cellular was ringing, with a music that was even more surreal, an old song from the 70s, and he was -while talking- looking who’s calling and then deciding not to answer.

Their gestures, their look, the conversation (he was saying that someone needed her, and she was talking about a someone, male, who needed her attention) and the fact that it was clear that they didn’t know each other (they were very formal)… everything was like the opening of a movie… or a novel… or, of course, a play… and it made me thinking of Iris, the Tarots-reader, who maybe one day met such man… and Buzzati wrote what happened next!

As one of my teachers, Dario Fo, used to say ‘Nothing is more theatrical than reality’.