The Dante Session – Washington DC

"Dante meets Beatrice at Ponte Santa Trinita" -currently displayed at The Walker Gallery
“Dante meets Beatrice at Ponte Santa Trinita” -currently displayed at The Walker Gallery

Italian Cultural Institute in Washington, DC
THE DANTE SESSION, April 21st, 2015

Conceived and Directed by Laura Caparrotti
In collaboration with Francesco Meola and Ilaria Amadasi

Ilaria Amadasi
Laura Caparrotti
Francesco Meola
Jacopo Rampini

Dante Alighieri was a writer, a poet, a political figure and an innovative artist. During his time, he was famous, yet his true and wide fame came after his death. If you google his name, it is surprising how much you find and of what nature. Dante and the Divine Comedy has inspired the most different and sometime weird kind of things over the centuries.

Wondering what Dante would have thought about this kind of fame, KIT has created a session where Dante himself discovers and comments his fortune over the centuries. Led by his therapist, based on Boccaccio’s
Trattatello su Dante, Dante will travel within his own words and stories as other writers, poets and comedians (among others) have used them over the centuries.

The performance is built to entertain and educate. The language used is English for connecting passages and when quoting artists inspired by Dante and Original for Dante’s verses and writing.

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