Michel Chrabieh

Consultant Designer


Michel is a multidisciplinary designer based in Milan, Italy. He acts as a design consultant and collaborates with companies and brands specializing in animation, as well as illustration and branding. Born and raised in Beirut, Michel earned his bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Communication in 2013. After being inspired by Deepak Chopra’s quote “I don’t think outside the box, I get rid of the box”; He decided to leave his comfort zone and push for a multicultural experience in Milan, the city of art and culture, and raise the bar high in terms of education, knowledge and self motivation, whereas he earned his Masters degree. His experience covers the fields of design creation for brand identities, infographics and illustrations for videos, online simulations, social media and many others for a variety of clients and collaborates with teams across different creative backgrounds from all over the world.

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