Mario Merone

Mario Merone (an Italian actor, director, playwright and drama teacher).  He is graduated in Acting at Silvio d’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome and has a Master in Drama at University of Bologna. He has performed and directed many plays across the Europe including Romeo and Juliet, Schindler’s list, The Wizard of Oz, Miles Gloriosus, A Midsummer night. Mario moved to New York in 2014. He is part of KIT (the most important Italian theater company in New York) and he performed as a leading role in “Six characters in search of a country” during the PEN international theater festival and in the theatre series“ On the Italian stage”. Mario is part of the show “The Amazing Max” written, directed and interpreted by Max Darwin, one of the most sought after “American” magic artist “, who has worked among others with Uma Thurman. He also recently debuted in New York in the film “Bloody river” by Giuseppe Santochirico, interpreted among others by Nicola Acunzo, in the role of a boy who dares to tackle a boss of the underworld. He performed in two plays (Going up and BUDFUD129ZK) for the Future is Female Festival at The Goddard Riverside Bernie Wohl Center in New York. He worked at Castillo theatre as Producer (The proverbial Loons), as Assistant Producer and Sound Operator (The Donut Play and Still on the Corner). He worked as stage manager in “Lured” (World premiere)written by Frank J. Avella and directed by Rod Kaats at Theatre for the New CIty in New York and in “ The worth of women” (World premiere) by Moderata Fonte directed by Jay Stern and Laura Caparrotti at  the Access Theatre in New York. Currently he is working as drama teacher at HVA in Harlem and at JAMS in the Bronx.
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