Niuiorc-Zerilli-Jun14-SC-COR59084 2Synopsis – A journey across the Big Apple, based on a true travel diary. A ‘young’ 40-year-old ‘boy’ finds himself disoriented in the big city. He gets lost in the streets, avenues and parks of Manhattan while meeting a unique collection of characters. A funny, tender and original story about finding yourself in a foreign city.




Francesco Foti – After training at the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan, Francesco Foti Niuiorc-Zerilli-Jun14-SC-COR59077 2worked in the theater for many years as a member of the famous Italian company Cavalli Marci Company (which debuted on Italian TV in 1996), where he was an actor and a playwright. He also appeared in several movies such as “Baaria” by Oscar-winner Giuseppe Tornatore and is very well known for his work in Italian TV series as well as in cinema. The play debuted in Catania, Italy, in 2011 and is being touring in Italy since then. In December 2015 NUOIRC NUIORC enjoyed sold out shows at the Palco Off Festival in Milan.



Niuiorc-Zerilli-Jun14-SC-COR59116 2 PRESS REVIEW

Foti showed an amazingly involving performance throughout which he never lost energy, even though he had problems with the music which didn’t start or stopped when it was supposed to. This made the audience laugh with him even more. […] Francesco Foti is fascination in acting out all of the chapters of his journey while involving the audience, which laughs and follows him through it. Throughout the play he successfully manages to determine what is so particular about a journey to New York for Italians.” Ludovica Martella – I-Italy