La KITFesta di Carnevale

Festa Carnevale Invito bluIt’s Fat Saturday and we celebrate Carnival Italian Style! Following Francesco Foti’s NIUIORC NIUIORC performance we’ll eat, drink, dance, play, hear great music, meet great artists and award the best ‘look I am Italian’ mask! Are U coming?

La Festa di Carnevale features:

Michela Musolino, Sicilian Singer and Musicians accompanied by Phil Passantino

Pamela Lenzu, Flamenco dancer

Danielle Lima, Samba Dancer and Teacher

Commedia dell’Arte Carachters

Exhibition on Carnevale di Venezia

Runway and Prizes for the best masks

dancing, singing, laughing, eating, drinking with a bunch of Italians and a lot of friends!

Tickets are:
$20 only entrance
$35 entrance and drinks
$40 entrance, drinks and the show NIUIORC NIUIORC
$80 entrance, drinks, two shows NIUIORC NIUIORC and ITALY HAS ARISEN and Commedia dell’Arte Workshop in between shows.