KITCAFFE’ series

Kit Caffe

Professional readings in English followed by the Italian version of pages from masterpieces by Italian writers from the past to the present. All set in a cafe’ atmosphere.

All the readings are presented in English followed by the Italian version.

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KIT is very proud to present the very first KITCAFFE’ a literary series in Italian, with some English, to discover the most fascinated and beloved Italian writers from the past to the present.

Centuries ago, first in Paris, and then all over Europe, Cafes’ and Salotti Letterari became meeting point for artists and
intellectuals to discuss ideas as well as every day facts. While the Cafes’ were open to the public and attended mostly
by men, the Salotti Letterari were private events, organized by cultural refined Ladies, often aristocrats, who loved to
bring together people of different backgrounds to discuss and exchange opinions and knowledge.

KIT is now recreating its own Salotto-Caffe’ Letterario, hosted by KIT’s ladies, Laura Caparrotti and Marta Mondelli, as well as other surprise guests. In a two-hour event, the guests will be introduced each time to two wonderful Italian writers from the past and the present.

Professional actors will engage in dramatic readings of short stories, excerpts from novels or essays by the most fascinated and beloved Italian authors from the past to the present.  Following KIT’s tradition, the reading will be first in English followed by its Italian version.

Copies of the reading material will be provided in advance to give the opportunity to follow the professional reading. After the reading, the hosts will moderate the post reading discussion, the exchange of ideas and opinions, while correcting Italian and Italian pronunciation.

Being in a Salotto/Caffe’, wine, and
pastries will be served to the guests.

The pastries are kindly provided by Sora Lella NYC Restaurant (300 Spring Street @ Hudson street).

The event is presented in collaboration with The Cell.

For everyone who reads and understands Italian, and wishes to reading and understanding more about our culture!

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