In Scena 2015

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island and Beyond

May 4-20, 2015

VISIT  www.inscenany.com

IN SCENA! ITALIAN THEATER FESTIVAL NY 2015 will feature the following shows (all presented English or with English supertitles):

Broken Dances – in Pasolini’s Bubble
by and starring Benedetta Capanna / Excursus Company (Rome/Lazio).
This dance theater piece takes audiences on a stroll through the contradictions of Roman daily life punctuated by the echoes of Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the greatest poets and intellectuals of contemporary Italy (and to whom In Scena! 2015 is dedicated, on the 40th anniversary of his death). Presented in collaboration with IDaCO NYC, the Italian Dance Connection.

Chez Dimì
by Giuseppe Sinatra / DimiDimitri Company (Novara/Piemonte).
A butler tries to lift the spirits of an old lady on her birthday with sketches, jokes and circus-like stunts. DimiDimitri is a clowning-based theater that has received numerous important Italian and international accolades.

by and starring Jessica Leonello (Brescia/Lombardia).
This comic monologue tells the stories of migrants returning home to their roots, travelling backwards through the history of Italy and its changing customs. 2012 Petroni Award winner, 2014 Offerta creative/teatrinrete Award winner.

Ninetta and the Others
by Damiana Leone / Errare Persona Company (Frosinone/Lazio).
This drama tackles the difficult theme of rape as an instrument of war. Based on a mass rape that happened during WWII. Winner of Amnesty International’s Chimere Award.

by Saverio Tavano / Scenari Visibili Company (Catanzaro/Calabria).
This drama draws from mythology to portray the contemporary world and its lack of father figures. Winner of Best Show at the 2014 Inventaria Festival and winner of 2014 contro le mafie MEI Award. Presented in collaboration with Tabularasa NYC’s Calabrese Mood, a festival of Calabrese culture presented by the Calandra Institute.

Taddrarite – Bats
by Luana Rondinelli / Accura Teatro Company (Trapani/Sicilia).
Three sisters find the courage – and sarcasm – to talk about incidences of domestic violence. Winner of the 2014 Rome International Fringe Festival Award.

Viola di Mare
by and starring Isabella Carloni,
based on the novel Minchia di re by Giacomo Pilati / Rovine Circolari Company (Ancona/Marche).
Viola di Mare is a salt-water fish that is born female but then turns into a male after laying its eggs. This is the true story of a 19th century girl who dresses like a man to escape her father’s fury and the bigotry of her island village.

Without Filter – A Show for Alda Merini
Fabrizio Visconti and Rossella Rapisarda / Gli Eccentrici Dadarò Company (Varese/Lombardia).
Institutionalized for mental illness for nearly two decades, the story of Nobel Prize nominated poet Alda Merini (1931- 2009) is told through dream-like visuals, a narrative inspired by her poems and live music. Winner of the 2012 Next – Laboratorio delle idee Award.

by Ermanno Nardi / Elea Teatro and Industria Scenica Company (Milanno/Lombardia).

Bullying on social networks is the subject of this dark comedy that explores the digital exchange of explicit materials.