Ilaria on La Mandragola: La Mandragola… what a ride!!

La Mandragola… what a ride!!

I am really glad I got the opportunity to work on this play with such a wonderful and committed group of artists.

First of all after four years in the United States it is so enjoyable to spend time exploring an Italian author with an all-italian theater company!

Reading the script, understanding the language of the time and the author’s intentions in writing it was try;y inspiring.

We have so many texts and authors, especially from the past,  that are worthy of being explored… Machiavelli is definitely one of them!!

It’s almost shocking to think that he wrote this play in the sixteenth century, and while reading it, we are certain to be talking about today!

Machiavelli reminded me of what I consider to be one of the most important meaning of art and Theater: to express an opinion, a point of view on today’s life, society, politics and to find the best way ( or in Machiavelli’s case, the only possible way, since he was exiled away from Firenze and his political life) to deliver your message, by lifting it into art.

And what a beautiful way to do this: hiding a political play behind a very funny comedy!

Machiavelli made me aware once again of Theater’s importance and power. Even if we don’t know if his contemporaries understood his message, the only fact that this play is still known and performed after five hundred years is the proof of its power and success!

Having spent much time at the beginning of our rehearsal process without having a character assigned, I got to understand every character equally. I got to focus on the play as a whole instead of starting right away with working on my own character.

Laura’s idea is really innovative and helpful, and I think that thank to this we are growing more united and cooperative as a group, giving our all attention to the play itself and not to ourselves. It is a new way of doing theater that I really enjoy!

We are only midway through this process and I am really excited to continue to explore, grow and laugh!!