Viva la Befana with Happy Fanny!

The Story of Happy Fanny
 one of the Befana’s best assistants! 

Conceived and interpreted by
 Laura Caparrotti

La Befana is an Italian Christmas tradition that has its origins in the 13th century. Befana is a benevolent old woman who delivers gifts to children on January 5th, the eve of the Epiphany.

In this program, you will meet Happy Fanny, a sweet Befana assistant who has only one problem: she forgets things. Befana loves her and gives her various chores that usually Happy Fanny forgets finding herself in trouble. The children will save her, every time, and they will help her to go back home to Befana.

During Happy Fanny visit, the participant will draw, sing, dance and learn about Italy, its language and traditions.

Each visit is to be tailored to the need of the school, center, community where the show takes place.

The fee includes material for the workshop. The program will last one hour. The program could extend to a maximum of two hours, if requested.

Program suitable for 5+ kids and their families.