Francesco Meola was born in 1984 in Milan. In 2007 he graduated from the University of Milan in Italian Modern Literature and after two years he granted a degree in acting from the Academy of Filodrammatici in Milan. In 2012 Francesco Meola decided to move in NYC where he specialized in Method Acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

He played lead shakesperian roles like Romeo, Bassanio and Bottom, and he worked with important directors as Claudio Autelli in “Romeo and Juliet”, Alberto Oliva in “Il Ventaglio” and “The Merchant of Venice”, Emanuele Crotti  in “The Lord of the Flies”, Corrado Accordino in “Holy Land”, Renzo Martinelli in “Fires”, Claudia Negrin in “Il Vizietto”.

As an actor he took part in several shortmovies for the Civic School of Cinema in Milan and for The New York Film Academy in NYC. Since 2009 he leads acting workshops for teens and non-professional actors. He is also a writer of shortstories (scuolabarnabooth.wordpress.com) and dramatic work like “Neighbors”.