Festa di Natale

Join KIT for the 2015 FUNdraiserFesta-di-Natale-card


December 16, 2015 – 6pm

24 W 12 street, NY, NY

(includes Sweets, drinks and entertainment)

KIT starts a new tradition: a night to toast to a new year of KIT events, productions and to life.

KIT will offer its friends and supporters music, traditional sweets and drinks together with some Italian games traditional of the winter holidays. Come and play…

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TombolaNapoletana? Romana? come and see yourself 


Mercante in Fiera 

Mercante in Fiera (literally Merchant at the Fair) is a very popular game, played with peculiar illustrated cards. What makes these cards nice to collect is that most subjects vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and although a few subjects are found in more than one edition, their illustrations are quite different. In traditional sets, the pictures are inspired by nature or by everyday’s life: subjects can be animals, or flowers, or fruit, or household objects, or pieces of furniture, etc.  In modern editions each subject is usually numbered, from 1 to 40, so that players may refer to each card either by means of its name or its number, but older sets, lacked this additional and rather useless detail.Prior to 1972, Mercante in Fiera decks had to bear a tax stamp, as any other variety of playing cards did, in Italy. One of the subjects (card no.1 in editions with numbers) had a small empty circle for this purpose, but only one of the two identical cards was stamped. Among the editions now produced, only the classic one by Modiano has maintained the small circle.