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Le Macchiette di Eduardo Migliaccio “Farfariello”

KIT – Kairos Italy Theater presents Le Macchiette di Eduardo Migliaccio detto FARFARIELLO A show by Laura Caparrotti as shot for the PBS documentary “Italian-Americans” Neapolitan-born Eduardo Migliaccio (1892-1946), (his stage name Farfariello meant “Little Butterfly”) was one of the most popular and greatest entertainer of Little Italies. He emigrated to the United States in...


A Tour In Rome

Living in Rome A 40 minutes tour of the Eternal City with voices from the past, from the present and from the future… I am in Rome! Oft as the morning ray Visits these eyes, waking at one I cry, Whence this excess of joy? What has befallen me? And from within a thrilling vice...

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