Friends and Links

www.kitinthecity.com – Online Bilingual Magazine On Roma and NY


Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’ at NYU – Casa Italiana is home of the Italian Department at NYU and a place where Italian culture shines.

Cyber Italian Online Italian Language and Culture School. A great way to learn Italian staying while at your computer!

Every Little Movement Academy of the Arts – Every Little Movement is a school dedicated to teach dance and other artistic skills to children of any age and background. In Hoboken, NJ.

Fatto a Mano – All about Lucretia Moroni’s work.

La Collina Italiana – Italian Language and Cultural Center. Located in the Upper East Side in Manhattan.

Mare Nostrum Elements – MNE main mission is to create emotionally-driven stage productions that explore and celebrate dance, theater and movement.

Sicily Guide – All about Sicily!



News about New York (In English and/or in Italian)

NUOK – All about New York by young Italians living between New York and Italy. In Italian and English.

America Oggi – Italian daily Newspaper published in the States. In Italian.

I-Italy – On-line Magazine concerning Italy and Italian America. In Italian and in English.

Lorenza Cerbini – Journalist, Photographer, Cyclist, Enthusiast: our friend Lorenza has a page in her website fully dedicated to what’s going on in New York. In Italian.

www.italiannewyork.com – A site dedicated to promoting Italian culture.

Theaters in the New York Areas KIT has worked with…

the cell  (338 W 23 Street) – A former gallery, now a performing space in the heart of Chelsea. Co-producer of KIT’s Tosca e le Altre Due, the cell offers a variety of programs while “incubate and present new works that mine the mind, pierce the heart and awaken the soul”. Nancy Manocherian is the Founding Artistic Director, while Kira Simring is the artistic director.

Theater for the New City (155 1st Avenue) – A multi-theaters Institutions, very community and very rivolutionary. Crystal Field is the director, the artistic director and the soul of this  a Pulitzer Prize winning community cultural center.

The Flea (41 White Street) –  Founded in 1996 by three of New York’s most acclaimed downtown theater artists—director Jim Simpson, designer Kyle Chepulis and playwright Mac Wellman—the award-winning Flea Theater  is a downtown beacon for creative artists of every discipline, and for audiences seeking bold and inventive work.

The Kitchen ( 19th Street) – One the of temple of the avanguard theatre that it was in New York, the Kitchen is a space full of history. Founded as an artist collective in 1971 by Woody and Steina Vasulka and incorporated as a non-profit two years later, in its infancy The Kitchen was a space where video artists and experimental composers and performers could share their ideas with like-minded colleagues. It thus was among the very first American institutions to embrace the then emergent fields of video and performance art, while also presenting new visionary work within the fields of dance, music, literature, and film.

Agencies and Services

TEATRO ITALIANO NETWORK at teatroitalianonetwork.com