The Italian Body and A,B,C L’italiano S’impara cosi’ in Naples, Florida

by and with Marta Mondelli
followed by
by and with Laura Caparrotti

Sunday March 14th, 2010
Starting at 4 pm, shows at 6:30 pm
at the Naples Italian American Club

The Italian Body, authored and performed by Marta Mondelli, reflects on Italian gestures and their origin.

ABC, L’Italiano s’Impara Cosi (How to Learn Italian in One Hour) is a skit written by and starring Laura Caparroti. Using an inimitable method, Miss Margherita, a despotic teacher-diva, teaches Italian. Starting from what is more well-known in the United States about Italy  — love, food, literature, art, tourism and music – Miss Margherita explains and teaches the Italian language, culture, art and tradition to the audience. Miss Margherita brings the audience through Italy, exploring the stereotypical figures for which Italy is more known around the world: A=Amore (LOVE) – B= Buono (good like Italian FOOD) – C=Citta’ (CITIES – including Italian dialects).  The one-hour show will educate the audience on the history of Italy focusing on the cities chosen to be Italy’s best testimonial of differences and similarities among the nation. The cities are Bolzano, Milano, Firenze, Roma, Napoli, and Palermo.