Meet the 2018 YoungKIT!

Every year we choose few young and upcoming artists to work with us, to learn from us… and to allow us learning from them. It is a beautiful sharing process we love doing it, every single year.

This year we are very happy to introduce three girls, one of them is already working with us for some time and two of them are new to KIT. Here they are:

Giacoma Bonello
Giacoma Bonello is an Italian-American actress born and raised in New York City. She recently graduated from the NYU Tisch Stella Adler program and is ecstatic to be apart of the YoungKIT Company! Some of her favorite roles are Lucius (Julius Caesar, NYU Stella Adler Tour) and Mrs. Daldry (In the Next Room, NYU Stella Adler). Many thanks to Laura, Kairos Italy Theater, Rae, and her friends and family for all of their love and support.


Shannon M. Riccio
Shannon is an actress from Milford, CT who graduated from Roger Williams University with her BA in Theatre and BFA in Creative Writing in 2010. Her study abroad in London during her junior year inspired her to move abroad a few years after graduation. She lived in Rome, Italy from 2013-2017 working as an au pair, ESL teacher, and actress. Shannon is an American-Italian dual citizen whose great grandparents immigrated to the US from Castelfranco in Miscano. She is excited to join YoungKIT and to have the opportunity to practice her craft while celebrating both of her backgrounds. She has been acting since childhood and has performed in theatres around Connecticut, NYC, and Rome, as well as some film work. Some favorite theatrical roles include Barbara Smith in Run For Your Wife, Baroness Frankenstein and The Creature in Frankenstein: The Radio Play, Penny Russell in The Crooked House Murder, Barnardo in an all female Hamlet, Snow White in Snow White the Sequel: A Holiday Pantomime, and Isabella Di Morra in a reading of Darcia Maraini’s Extravagance and Three Other Plays. You can follow her adventures on Facebook and IG @theatreshan.


Alice Lussiana Parente
Born and raised in Italy, Alice graduated from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. NYC theatre credits include: Event Horizon (John Gould Rubin/Italian Playwrights Project), #Serials and Flea Fridays (The Flea Theatre/Nigel Smith), A mother’s heart (MIdtown International Theatre Festival), The Mountain Giants (Helluva theatre company), Richard III (Gallery Players), Uncommon Women and Others (Stella Adler Studio). Italian theatre credits: Annika in Pippi Longstocking (Theatre of Rome – National tour), Beba, The Night of Assassins, (Theatre Vittoria) Ariel, The Tempest (Cavallerizza Reale) and Franceschina, Il Falso Magnifico (commedia dell’arte) directed by Eugenio Allegri. Film and TV credits include: Peopling the Palace (Peter Greenaway) Life Bites (Disney Channel), Richard the Lionheart.(Lionsgate Home), Lo Smemorato di Collegno (RAI-TV). Currently narrating 6 audiobooks for Audible, Alice also graduated in Cinema and New Media at the University of Turin and is a member of the Bats, the resident theatre company at The Flea Theatre. www.alicelussianaparente.com