YOUNGKIT is the youth division of KIT, the Italian Theatre Company in NY. Comprised of young talent in their 20s, the aim of the YoungKIT is to create a generation of actors trained according to the best tradition of Italian theater and familiar with both classical and contemporary Italian plays. During the engagement, the YoungKIT will perform a series of Italian Classics and it will be involved in some of the major events organized by KIT, such as In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY. At the end of the engagement, there will be the possibility of becoming members of the company.

Requirement for the YoungKIT actors:

  • Up to 30 years old
  • Theater training
  • Able to speak Italian
  • Familiarity with Italian culture
  • be on time, respectful, passionate, , open, curious, ready to work and collaborate;
  • work on and off stage
  • be productive and able to work from home (when needed) as well as in rehearsals or on location

The YoungKIT will have the opportunity to be introduced to several industry key people from the US and from Italy and to perform in front of a general audience as well as the entertainment business. The position is not paid, yet there will be possibility of reimbursement from time to time, depending on the project.

Auditions are held once a year. Please check our website and Social Media for auditions dates.