Dealers of Souls by Alberto Bassetti

Theater for the New City to present American premiere of “Dealers of Souls: This Theater Is (Not) For Sale” by Italian playwright Alberto Bassetti With Francesco Andolfi, Vito La Bella, Laura Caparrotti Directed by Laura Caparrotti Mystical play dramatizes the struggle, real and supernatural,  to block the appropriation of a theater for a supermarket. November 12 TO 29, 2015 Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. (at E. 10th Street) Presented by Theater for the New City in collaboration with Kairos Italy Theater (KIT). Thursdays through Satudays at 8:00 PM, Sundays at 3:00 PM $15 general admission; $12 seniors and students Running time: 60 minutes. For tickets, go HERE In Italy, theaters are under real estate pressure; their precious locations and spacious buildings are eagerly sought by developers who try to convert valued cultural assets into commercial buildings. This clash of artistic idealism and commercial opportunism has been dramatized by Italian playwright Alberto Bassetti in “Dealers of Souls: This Theater Is (Not) For Sale,” a new play whose American premiere will be presented November 12 to 29 by Theater for the New City in collaboration with Kairos Italy Theatre. It’s a supernatural drama in which two men are negotiating the sale of an old theater. The buyer, a clearly corrupt theater entrepreneur, promises to restore it but actually, he intends to turn it into a supermarket. Can his intrigues be stymied by a strange actress who squats in the building, who seems to be part hobo and part phantom of the theater? Can she save the day? Bassetti’s three-character drama, written in 2001, received a staged reading in 2013 at Casa Italiana... read more

In Scena 2015

Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island and Beyond May 4-20, 2015 VISIT IN SCENA! ITALIAN THEATER FESTIVAL NY 2015 will feature the following shows (all presented English or with English supertitles): Broken Dances – in Pasolini’s Bubble by and starring Benedetta Capanna / Excursus Company (Rome/Lazio). This dance theater piece takes audiences on a stroll through the contradictions of Roman daily life punctuated by the echoes of Pier Paolo Pasolini, one of the greatest poets and intellectuals of contemporary Italy (and to whom In Scena! 2015 is dedicated, on the 40th anniversary of his death). Presented in collaboration with IDaCO NYC, the Italian Dance Connection. Chez Dimì by Giuseppe Sinatra / DimiDimitri Company (Novara/Piemonte). A butler tries to lift the spirits of an old lady on her birthday with sketches, jokes and circus-like stunts. DimiDimitri is a clowning-based theater that has received numerous important Italian and international accolades. Cingomma by and starring Jessica Leonello (Brescia/Lombardia). This comic monologue tells the stories of migrants returning home to their roots, travelling backwards through the history of Italy and its changing customs. 2012 Petroni Award winner, 2014 Offerta creative/teatrinrete Award winner. Ninetta and the Others by Damiana Leone / Errare Persona Company (Frosinone/Lazio). This drama tackles the difficult theme of rape as an instrument of war. Based on a mass rape that happened during WWII. Winner of Amnesty International’s Chimere Award. Patres by Saverio Tavano / Scenari Visibili Company (Catanzaro/Calabria). This drama draws from mythology to portray the contemporary world and its lack of father figures. Winner of Best Show at the 2014 Inventaria Festival and winner of 2014... read more

The Dante Session – Washington DC

Italian Cultural Institute in Washington, DC THE DANTE SESSION, April 21st, 2015 Conceived and Directed by Laura Caparrotti In collaboration with Francesco Meola and Ilaria Amadasi Featuring Ilaria Amadasi Laura Caparrotti Francesco Meola Jacopo Rampini Dante Alighieri was a writer, a poet, a political figure and an innovative artist. During his time, he was famous, yet his true and wide fame came after his death. If you google his name, it is surprising how much you find and of what nature. Dante and the Divine Comedy has inspired the most different and sometime weird kind of things over the centuries. Wondering what Dante would have thought about this kind of fame, KIT has created a session where Dante himself discovers and comments his fortune over the centuries. Led by his therapist, based on Boccaccio’s Trattatello su Dante, Dante will travel within his own words and stories as other writers, poets and comedians (among others) have used them over the centuries. The performance is built to entertain and educate. The language used is English for connecting passages and when quoting artists inspired by Dante and Original for Dante’s verses and writing.... read more


 KIT- Kairos Italy Theater, the Italian company in New York, presents two Italian masterpieces. The Mandrake Root (La  Mandragola) by Niccolo’ Machiavelli, and three novels from the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio Featuring: FRANCESCO ANDOLFI, GIULIA BISINELLA, CARLOTTA BRENTAN, MARIA DE COTIS, LENNY CIOTTI,  AILEEN LANNI, JACOPO  RAMPINI, IRENE TURRI. DIRECTED BY LAURA CAPARROTTI   **In English with some of the original Italian. Note that the actors varied from run to run depending on availability.     KIT is the theater company in residence at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’ at NYU. — In 2013, KIT inaugurated a series of shows focused on highlighting the great tradition of Italian theater as re-interpreted by a younger generation, the YoungKIT. The productions feature only 6 actors, a handful of props and a few costumes, and Italian masterpieces translated into English – while retaining some elements of the original versions. — THE MANDRAKE ROOT (LA MANDRAGOLA) Most likely written in 1518, “The Mandrake Root” is a satirical play by the author of “The Prince,” Niccolò Machiavelli. Young Callimaco arrives in Florence and learns of the extraordinary beauty of Lucrezia, a married woman. In order to win her over, he devises an intricate ruse to trick her husband, Nicia, with the help of a conniving accomplice, Ligurio, and a corrupt priest, Fra Timoteo. — THE DECAMERON Boccaccio probably conceived “The Decameron,” a collection of novellas, after the epidemic of 1348, and completed it by 1353. This production features the three novels from “The Decameron” that especially inspired Machiavelli’s writing of “The Mandrake Root.” — “La Mandragola” is made possible in part by public funds from the Manhattan Community... read more

CollaborAZIONI 2014

Director: Orly Noa Rabinyan Writer: Rosario Mastrota Actors: Emilia Brandi, Laura Caparrotti, Rita De Donato, Francesco Meola, Ernesto Orrico Presented by KIT Italia and Kairos Italy Theater with the support of the City of Pizzo Calabro and the Italian Cultural  Office of Israel. ROMA, TEATRO DUE September 15-October 12 September 15-October 12 Organization: Laura Caparrotti, Donatella Codonesu, Ambra Postiglione, Annalisa Siciliano. Artistic Directors: Laura Caparrotti and Orly Rabinyan Directors: Ioli Andreadi, Evan T. Cummings, Esther Jun, Annie Levy, Vidhu Sing, Jay Stern, Laura Tesman, Evan Tsisias, Nai Wen Cheng, Jocelyn Cheng, In partnership with Teatro Due and 42mm. Presented by KIT Italia and Kairos Italy Theater with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, the Italian Cultural Office of Israel. Want to read about CollaborAZIONI in italian? Go to KIT Italia... read more

Tosca and the two downstairs

PRESS 2014 New York Critic – March 25, 2014 Tosca and the two downstairs New York Theatre Wire – March 24, 2014 Franca Valeri’s play using a “Tosca” backdrop is sharp, current. PRESS 2010 CHELSEA NOW – January 29, 2010 Italian legend gets her NYC due by Jerry Tallmer OGGI7 – January 30, 2010 Ecco l’altra “Tosca” by Samira Leglib EDGE NEW YORK – February 3, 2010 Franca Valeri: Italy’s Liza Minnelli comes stateside BACKSTAGE – Critic’s Pick Tosca e le altre due by Lisa J. Sagolla ESSENCE OF ITALY – February 5, 2010 Tosca E Le Altre Due, Tosca and the Two Women Downstairs THE HUFFINGTON POST Fern Siegel’s Stage Door: Venus in Fur, Tosca e le altre due PARTERRE BOX – February 18, 2010 The girls downstairsby Ercole Farnese Off-Off ONLINE – February 6, 2010 Seductive, Hidden Permutation of Tosca, Downstairsby Jonathan Lim I-ITALY – February 10, 2010 Tosca and the two downstairs by Andrea Malaguti CONCERTONET – February 3, 2010 Upstairs, Downstairs by Arlene Judith Klotzko RAI TV COVERAGE AND INTERVIEW Rai Coverage of Tosca and the two downstairs... read more

NO Escape – Homage to Dino Buzzati

Celebrating Dino Buzzati on the 40th Anniversary of his departure Theater – Cinema – Conferences A month-long event dedicated to one of the leading figures on the 1900 Italian Literature. Four monologues by famous Italian writer DINO BUZZATI Presented in English followed by its original Italian Version.Translated by Natasha Lardera – With Ilaria Amadasi (Italian), Lydia Biondi (Italian), Laura Caparrotti (Italian), Rosemary Fine (English), Lucia Grillo (English), Jojo Karlin (English), Marta Mondelli (English), Amy Frances Quint (Italian). Directed by Laura Caparrotti and others. Until November 19, 2012 – CHECK THE PRESS PAGE FOR THE PRODUCTION! CHERRY LANE THEATER 38 COMMERCE STREET You can support the project as well: contribute to our funding campaign ending on October 29… Click here and Give OR buy the tickets in advance! Grazie!!!! PERFROMANCE SCHEDULE: The Switchboard Operator/La Telefonista Jojo Karlin/Ilaria Amadasi Sat 11/10 7pm Sun 11/11 1pm Thu 11/15 7pm Sat 11/17 4pm Sun 11/18 1pm The Clock/L’Orologio Lucia Grillo/Amy Frances Quint Mon 11/12 7pm Fri 11/16 7pm Sat 11/17 1pm Sun 11/18 4pm Mon 11/19 7pm Alone at home/Sola in casa Rosemary Fine/Lydia Biondi Wed 11/7, Thu 11/8, Sun 11/11 7pm Mon 11/12 8:30pm, Tue 11/13, Wed 11/14 7pm Striptease/Spogliarello Marta Mondelli/Laura Caparrotti Tue 11/6, Fri 11/9  7pm Sat 11/10 1 & 4 pm Sun 11/11 4pm Sat 11/17, Sun 11/18 7pm Mon 11/19 8:30pm Dino Buzzati, the “Italian Kafka”, wrote these monologues in the late ‘50s but there is nothing of the “dolce vita” in these women trapped into their lives like passionate and proud victims of a fate they can’t control. Solitude, magic, absurd, wait and death are the dominant themes of these ironic and at the... read more

The Woman in the Wardrobe (La donna nell'armadio)

READ THE REVIEW OF THE WONDERFUL NIGHT + MARISA TRUBIANO’s INTERVIEW. From the screenwriter of La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2 comes an absurd, ironic, one act play written for “simple, deplorable entertainment.” Yet, with this story of a poet and his hidden secret, Ennio Flaiano gives us so much more. Defying his audience’s expectations once again, Flaiano plays with the rules of the detective mystery, pointing out the iniquities of modern bureaucracies that rule human existence. Echoes of Ionesco, Allen and the Marx Brothers make this one-act play an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. May 14th, 2012 – 7pm Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò (24 W 12 street) Origin Theatre Company In association with Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and Kairos Italy Theater celebrates Ennio Flaiano on the 40th Anniversary of his death with the reading of The Woman in the Wardrobe (La Donna nell’Armadio) A One Act Play Part of Origin’s eighth annual ‘Mondays of May’ play reading series in association with NYU’s Glucksman Ireland House Free Admission Wine Reception to follow With: Rocco Sisto Tom O’Keefe Jesse Presler Carlo Giuliano Rosemary Fine Directed by Laura Caparrotti Translated by Marisa Trubiano The wine is generously provided by San Matteo... read more


With & directed by Laura Caparrotti With the BIG Neapolitan help of Principe Antonio De Curtis TOTÒ: There is no opposition between my job – that I adore – and the fact that I am composing songs and sometimes I write melancholic verses as well. I am Neapolitan, and Neapolitans are very good at switching from laugh to tear. Toto’s Poetry in Word and Music presents a selection of about 20 between songs and poems written by Antonio De Curtis – Toto’, included the most famous ones. The goal is to give excerpts of his art even in writing. Hopefully this way you’ll be able to meet the other side of the moon of the hemisphere Toto’. Most of the people know Antonio De Curtis-Toto’ as an actor and it would be better to say they know him as a comic actor. Useless to say, he was so much more. He carried the spirit of a neapolitan genius, who has to express his soul in any possible way. And give credit to any different side of his soul, the comic one, the serious one, that malicious one and the romantic one. The songs, as the poems, for Antonio De Curtis were creatures coming from the depth of his soul. Like children, he loved his songs, and he would have liked to hear people sing them. Beautiful or not, the songs for him were the way to express feelings he was ashamed to talk about in his everyday life; a way to visit his poor and painful past, that he was very proud of. He wrote about 40 songs and... read more