Memoirs by Carlo Goldoni

US Premiere – February 9, 2017 – 6:30PM Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’ at NYU part of Carnegie Hall’s La Serenissima   March 3, 4 @ 7:30PM and 5th @ 2PM Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Riverside  Buy tickets HERE   With: Tali Custer, Aileen Lanni, Paul... read more

The Worth of Women-Il Merito delle donne

  US Premiere February 11, 2017 – 3pm Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’ at NYU part of Carnegie Hall’s La Serenissima   NOW PLAYING! Gallery at Access Theater (380 Broadway) March 30-April 9 Buy Tickets Here DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM OF THE SHOW AT ACCESS: WOW... read more

Viva la Befana with Happy Fanny!

Viva, Viva La Befana With Happy Fanny  one of the Befana’s best assistants!  Conceived and interpreted by  Laura Caparrotti La Befana is an Italian Christmas tradition that has its origins in the 13th century. Befana is a benevolent old woman who delivers gifts to... read more

Stories of many Stories

Traveling production NEXT DATE: DECEMBER 1ST, 2016 – 6PM CASA ITALIANA ZERILLI-MARIMO’ AT NYU (24 W 12 STREET, NY) KIT brings a performance based on Gianni Rodari’s stories. Stories of Many Stories Age: 5+ Duration: 45 mins. Laura Caparrotti, Aileen Lanni,... read more


by Niccolo’ Machiavelli Directed by Laura Caparrotti Featuring: Francesco Andolfi, Laura Lamberti, Carlotta Brentan, Lenny Ciotti, Jacopo Rampini, Irene Turri.  Inaugural Event: December 5, 2013 CASA ITALIANA ZERILLI-MARIMO’ AT NYU Presented also at: Bernie Wohl... read more

ABC L’Italiano Si Impara Cosi’

Traveling Production ABC… L’ITALIANO SI IMPARA COSI’ (HOW TO LEARN ITALIAN IN ONE HOUR) By & With Laura Caparrotti A very unique method used by Miss Margherita, a despotic Teacher-Diva, to teach Italian to any Italian student. Starting from what is... read more

Tosca e le Altre Due

by Franca Valeri Translated by Natasha Lardera With Laura Caparrotti and Marta Mondelli VO by Rocco Sisto Set Lucretia Moroni Light Design Haejin Han Stage Manager Carlotta Brentan Supertitles by Prescott Studio The hat of Ms. Mondelli is made by Monvieve Directed by... read more


  Next Dates: November 16 Suffolk County Community College November 18 7:30PM November 19 3PM – 7:30PM November 20 3PM Goddard Riverside Bernie Wohl Center (647 Columbus Ave @91st street) BUY TICKETS HERE Workshop on Immigration: November 9 6-8pm & 13 12-3pm... read more


Directed by Laura Caparrotti Featuring: Francesco Andolfi, Giulia Bisinella, Carlotta Brentan, Jacopo Rampini, Irene Turri Debut: MARCH 6, 2014 CASA ITALIANA ZERILLI-MARIMO’ AT NYU Presented also at: The Embassy of Italy in Washington DC The Catholic University... read more