KIT to present a special edition of Characters in Search of a Country

As seen on KIT presents a special edition of Characters in Search of an Author, based on Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello. Performances will run November 18 7:30PM, November 19 3PM – 7:30PM and November 20 3PM at the Bernie Wohl Center (647 Columbus Ave @ 91st street), For tickets, go to Featuring: Aileen Lanni, Mario Merone, Lorenzo Possanza and Adriana Rossetto. Directed by Laura Caparrotti. Set designer Niluka Hotaling. Six Characters search for an author to allow them to tell their story. In Kairos Italy Theater’s version, the characters are immigrants in search of a country where they can tell and live their stories. Using the words written by Pirandello, in Italian, English and other languages, KIT presents a piece that reflects upon the contemporary problems of migration. The Bernie Wohl performances will see the participation of members of the community, following a workshop led by Laura Caparrotti on the meaning of Home and Immigration. What is an immigrant? How many stories one can tell, remember, recall? The workshop focuses on oral history and on the meaning of immigration. The participants are asked to individuate three objects, images, sounds and/or feelings that they will bring with them if they have to move somewhere else. The participants will be encouraged to share stories of their families, their origins. The workshop will then explore what it means to leave a place, to bring their memories with them, to keep the memories alive in a new place. The participants are then invited to take part of the performance, telling the stories built during the... Read more