Carlotta Brentan on La Mandragola

We’re fast approaching the end of our rehearsal period for The Mandrake Root, and the closer we get to our first performance, the more discoveries we make about this incredible text – and the more I wish we had extra time to play with it! There is a reason Machiavelli... Read more

Giulia Bisinella on La Mandragola

Purple flowers and double root The Mandrake Root is such a beautiful play that it is almost impossible not to have fun with it. It keeps reminding me of that awkward moment when you fail at being mad at somebody because they make you laugh. Even when the characters... Read more

Francesco Meola on La Mandragola

Rehearsing “The Mandrake Root” is a unique chance to dig into the essence of the theatre. In fact La Mandragola is a comedy that offers not only an in-depth look into the world of Machiavelli and of the italian culture, but also a universal picture of the... Read more